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Being in Nashville, in the heart of the South, important musical and cultural events are continually taking place around us. The Musical Kaleidoscope Project will bring together a team of young people to run cameras, sound equipment and editing workstations to document traditional music such as at gospel, blues and folk festivals, juke joints, front poarches, churches and mountainsides, as well as new 21st-century positive and uplifting music creations. Here are some examples of a few of the events that Mary Ellen and I have attended during the past decade...

Don Robertson

Nashville Summer Grammy Party (2009)

Fun is to be had when Nashville Grammy members gather for the annual Grammy party. We have been honored to share so many great times with Nashville's musical community.


The Music City Flood (2010)

Nashvillians suffered tremendously when in March 2010, Nashville was flooded. Mary Ellen and I were shocked when national news didn't carry the story at all for three or four days, as if nothing had happened, and then only just a tiny bit after that, and so we made this video, with scenes that we extracted from local television, and sent it out on social media to let friends and family be informed of our circumstances.

The Summer NAMM Show in Nashville (2010)

The National Associate of Music Merchants holds an event each summer in Nashville. Although this show is intended for the companies that sell musical instruments and books, many of Nashville's professional musicians come to the show to see what's new for the year. And so, here is a video record of the state of the music industry, at least in Nashville, for the year 2010.

Nashville's 3rd Sunday Songwriter Party (2010)

A songwriter from West Virginia named Doak Turner came to Nashville, and with a flair for networking created a monthly event that took place for years every third Sunday of the month in his home. I would guess that nearly all of Nashville's song writing community has shown up for this event at least once. This kind of camaraderie is what Nashville is all about.

Razorblade's Story - Clarksdale, Mississippi (2013)

Mary Ellen and I were visiting Morgan Freeman's famous Ground Zero Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi when we were honored with a tale from the great bluesman known as "Razorblade."