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Music in the American South - Mary Ellen Bickford and I moved to the Southeastern USA in the mid-1990s. It would be here in what is called "The South" that we will explore the roots of the American sacred "gospel" music traditions. In 2003, we set up our home in Nashville, from where we operate today. It is well known that there is a rich music tradition in The South, a tradition of jazz, blues, country and gospel music that stems from Southern roots, as this is where this music originated. The Musical Kaleidoscope Project is dedicated to documenting the great musical traditions in the region, and the rich culture from which the music has arisen.

"Move Over Pain" by Paris Delane

Mary Ellen Bickford made this video featuring ex-Sonia Dada founding member Paris Delane singing his own composition "Move Over Pain" in 2015. Paris had been living in Nashville, and all of the footage was shot here in Music City and a nearby rural location.

Mississippi Millie with the Superbad String Band at "The Tent"

Mississippi Millie has been singing for many years and has traveled extensively. Her dedication is to keep Mississippi delta music traditions alive. We caught this 2013 performance on the set for Nashville's Mondo Blues radio show, broadcast from Rob McClain's Omega Lab studios, housed in a tent in the forest near Nashville.

Tore Diabaté and Friends at "3rd & Lindsley" in Nashville

An example of the eclectic mix of music styles central to the musical life of Nashville, a city that for many years was known to other parts of the country only for its country music styles. Of course that was due to the popularity of country music on national radio. In this 2016 video, shot in Nashville's famous "3rd and Lindsley" club, we se an unusual mixture of musical genres, including African, jazz, rock.

The Osborne Brothers

This well-known bluegrass group performs a set at the Mineral Bluegrass Festival in Mineral, Virginia in 1994 - videoed by Don Robertson

The Isaacs

The bluegrass family group "The Isaacs" performs at the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival in Denton, North Carolina in 1994 - videoed by Don Robertson