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Introducing The Mauldin Brothers

When we first met the twins in the summer of 2010, they had just arrived in Nashville from Los Angeles, where they had been working in TV and entertainment for ten years. We invited them to join us at Doak Turner's amazing songwriting event that he held every third Sunday of each month:

The Party (2010)

The twins had been raised on a ranch in Mississippi where they had gained an understanding of the land through hunting, fishing, gardening, etc. In 2013, they decided to demonstrate how easily people could grow food abundantly in their own front yards, and did so in their own yard just a mile from Nashville's famous "Music Row":

The Garden (2013)

Understanding the plight of bees in today's world, where an unnatural environment is making it difficult for bees to survive, and needing bees to pollinate their garden, the brothers began studying and raising bees, beginning in their front-yard garden. This developed into a full-fledge part-time bee business:

The Honey Bees (2014)

In addition to their entertainment schedule, the brothers in conjunction with their family in Mississippi, have developed a successful honey and bee product business called Honey Heads Bee Company.

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