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by Don Robertson
and Mary Ellen Bickford

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The documentary videos produced by Musical Kaleidoscope range in length from 15-minutes to one hour, and they feature important documentation about the music that we feature in the MK project - the great musical traditions from around the world, from all times and places drawn from the KScope music library, a carefully selected music repertoire that is based the culture that surrounds the music and the musicians, composers and singers who have created the music.

Don Robertson and Mary Ellen Bickford, the founders of Musical Kaleidoscope, have created two example videos. The first video documents the important music that arose in the Southeastern USA during the 20th century (Jazz, country, blues and gospel). The second video describes the roots of African-American music: the Negro spirituals that were preserved from the time of American slavery.

Sacred Music From the American South

The Roots of American Music