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      I have wanted to help acquaint musicians and listeners with the important classical music of North India for a long time and started with my Tabla: A rhythmic Introduction to Indian Music that was published by Peer International in 1968. In 2000-2001, I published my first introduction to the melodic aspect of North Indian classical music on my DoveSong.com website.
     Now, with this raga section of the Rising World Foundation library, we will be preparing listening and reading examples and details of important ragas in a way that should easily inform today’s students and listeners, helping them identify and comprehend the sound and characteristics of these ragas.
     This section is not meant to be a compendium of every single raga. We have selected three raga “families” to cover, a number of ragas that contain only five notes (called pentatonic) and certain important individual ragas.
     This is an on-going project. Watch for further additions to the raga section of the library.

Don Robertson (2023)

The Raga Library (under construction)

The Kanada Family of Ragas

The Rainy Season Ragas

The Pentatonic Ragas

Morning Ragas

Afternoon Ragas