Types of Content

Musical Kaleidoscope will be available to students throughout the world, providing the following types of content:


Musical Kaleidoscope shows are videos of live performances of music from around the world. Each show has an average length of one hour. However, there a few shows, such as full concerts, that run longer. Our shows will be available for internet broadcast and to be made available from the Musical Kaleidoscope app, after it has become available. We are also planning to create a series of audio shows, for radio broadcast. Since 2017, the Rising World foundation has completed over 260 shows. 


Our video classroom contains carefully selected lectures, demonstrations and masterclasses by artists, experts, and professors, including classes filmed at recognized universities and colleges, and videos and television programs created for educational purposes. We have over 162 titles prepared so far.

Documentaries and Tutorials

So far, we have collected and processed over 230 important documentaries from many sources. These valuable videos help the student gain an understanding of musical cultures, styles and artists. Tutorials include musical instrument instruction, documentation and master classes as well as orchestra rehearsals with legendary conductors. We also have a number of important interviews.  


Music scores, also known as charts, are the blueprints that composers and arrangers prepare for the performance of ensemble music. They are valuable tools for understanding the roles that musical instruments and voices play in a composition and provide an aid for students to better visualize the overall concept of the music as well as a focus for listening.

Published Scores

In four formats:

  • downloadable
  • readable online
  • perfect-bound (for libraries and personal book shelves)
  • spiral bound (for study)

Video Scores

Two categories of video scores: follow-along scores and study scores.

Films & Stage Productions

This category consists of motion pictures with significant musical content, musicals, and operas. Operas will have a choice of subtitles: subtitles in the original language and subtitles in English.

Watching important musicals and music-based films from various time periods provides integration of the music of a particular time period with the culture of that period.

Books and Book Reprints

Book reprints consist of important text books (orchestration, theory, counterpoint, etc.), biographies of composers and musicians, and books about music genres. Formats are the same as noted above in “Published Scores.”

Record Albums

The term “record album” originally referred single 78rpm or 45rpm recordings that were released as a set, like a “scrap book” or picture album. The same term describes LP record and CD “albums.” We have a very large collection of valuable albums that we will draw upon.