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The Kanada Family of Ragas

“The ragas under the “Kanada” rubric are among the most important building blocks of the Hindustani entablature.  Mastery of the Kanada gestalt must form part of the mental furniture of any serious Hindustani practitioner operating in ragaspace.”

Rajan P. Parrikar

     Kanada, also known as Kanhada and kanra, is a group of ragas in Hindustani classical music. The name Kanada suggests that it may have originated in the Carnatic music tradition and Kannada country.
     Ragas in this group belong to different thaats, but particularly to the Asavari or Kafi thaat.
     Komal Gandhar (Ga) and Komal Dhaivat (Dha) are vakra (zigzag) in descent and are used in phrases like gMR and dnP. (Wikipedia)

The Kanada Family of Ragas

Professor Rajeev Taranath gives an explanation of the main ragas of the Kanada Family to Don Robertson.

Kanada Raga Painting

Important Ragas in the Kanada Family

Darbari Kanada

Kaushi Kanada

Adana (Kanada)

Shahana (Kanada)

Suha (Kanada)

Sughrai (Kanada)

Suha-Sughrai (kanada)

Hussaini Kanada

Raisa Kanada

Nayaki Kanada

Gunji Kanada

Mudriki Kanada

Abhogi Kanada