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The Yin and Yang Quintet

by Don Robertson (1967)

     Here we have two student compositions bundled together in what Don Robertson later called “The Yin and Yang Quintet.” He composed the two pieces in 1967 for a performance in Stanley Wolfe’s composition class in the Juilliard School of Music Extension Division in New York City. 
     The students were told which instruments to write for. The first piece, on pages 1-4, was the original composition that he had prepared for in-class performance, but he was told that it would be two difficult. He then quickly composed and wrote out in pencil, the second piece.
     The first piece is highly disjointed and discordant, based on a three-note motive. The second is soft and romantic: hence the attributions “Yin and Yang.” The second piece can be heard at the bottom of the page from a transcription of the original classroom recording. 

This is the original recording of the second piece, beginning on page 5.