Treasures From the Gold Mine

Treasures From the Gold Mine provides a sampling of vintage recordings contained in our large photographed and digitized record collection. Click on these buttons to select another genre:

Popular Music

** Popular Music from America **

Perry Como - Till the End of Time (1945)
Frank Sinatra - September Song (1946)
Columbia Orchestra
Jazz Pizzicato/Legato (1948)
Dinah Shore – A Rosewood Spinet (1949)
Dinah Shore - Dear Hearts and Gentle People (1950)
Doris Day & Donald O'Conner - No Two People (1952)
Florian Zabach
Plink, Plank, Plunk (1953)
Les Baxter and Leonard Pennario - Dream Rhapsody (1954)
David Carroll
Fancy Pants (1954)
The McGuire Sisters
He (1955)
Ralph Marterie
One Fine Day (1955)
Archie Bleyer
Julie's Jump (1957)

** Popular Music from England **

Malcom Lockyer
Picnic for Strings (1954)
Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra - Flirtation Waltz (1954)
Vera Lynn – If You Love Me, Really Love Me (1954)
Lonnie Donegan - Bring a Little Water, Silvie (1956)
Lonnie Donegan – I’m Just a Rolling Stone (1957)
The Vipers – It Takes a Worried Man (1957)

** Popular Music from Italy **

Renato Rascel
Arrivederci Roma (1955)
Domenico Modugno
Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (1958)
Emilio Pericoli
Al Di La(1962)

Treasures From the Gold Mine

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