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Videos by Mary Ellen

A Selection of Videos by Mary Ellen Bickford


“Dew” video by Mary Ellen Bickford, music by Don Robertson (2006). Over 73,000 views on Youtube – more than 180 “likes.”

"Take My Hand"

“Take My Hand” is a video by Mary Ellen Bickford (2009). The song was composed by Don Robertson, Ashe Owen, and Mary Ellen Bickford (more information here). Rare footage from “Hands Across America” (1986)

"The Music City Flood of 2010"

The devastating Nashville flood of 2010 was not carried at all on U.S. national news. Mary Ellen created this video and posted it on YouTube to help inform the nation. 40,000 views (2023). 

"Move Over Pain" - Paris Delane

“Move Over Pain” is a video by Mary Ellen Bickford (2014). The song was composed and sung by Paris Delane (1956-2020) 

"Master Plan" by Door Frame

“Master Plan” is a video by Mary Ellen and Don featuring Roy “Futureman” Wooten, Paris Delane and Don Robertson. 

"The Adventures of the Mauldin Brothers"

Twins from Mississippi arrive in Nashville in 2010.
Their music and activities are documented by Mary Ellen Bickford and Don Robertson.

At Nashville's "Third Sunday Party"

In 2010, Don and Mary Ellen introduced the Mauldin Brothers to Doak Turner’s locally famous songwriter’s party, held at his home every third Sunday.

Getting Back to the Garden

In 2013, the brothers turned the front yard of their Nashville home, near the downtown area, into a beautiful garden.

Bring on the Bees!

The brothers brought bees onto their property to pollinate their garden, and this developed into a large-scale operation they called Honeyheads Bee Company.

The Mauldin Brothers, with Morgan Freeman

Mary Ellen produced this video for the Mauldin Brothers to help them further expand their work. Morgan Freeman introduces the boys and their musical journey.

TIME & GENRE: 1950s
Popular Music

This is a video series that we created in 2011 as a time period demonstration for a Save-the-Soul-of-Music project in Los Angeles.

We have drawn from family photograph albums and slide libraries
to reintroduce the music and life in the early 1950s USA.


(1954) The great Denver pianist and composer Barclay Allen’s now forgotten “Aviva” accompanies photos from Don Robertson’s family album.

"Moments to Remember"

(1955) “Moments to Remember” by the Four Lads. Mary Ellen’s video (a BIG hit on YouTube) uses images from her family archives to produce “Always in our Hearts” 

"The High and Mighty"

(1954) The theme from the 1954 film of the same name, “The High and the Mighty” is performed by the Leroy Holmes Orchestra. Mary Ellen’s video named “The Baby Boomers”

"Port au Prince"

(1956) “Port au Prince” performed by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra. Mary Ellen’s video from her family archives named “Growing Families” (Photo of Mary Ellen age 10 and baby sister Pattie)

"Ebb Tide"

(1953) “Ebb Tide” performed by the Frank Chacksfield Orchestra (London). Video by Mary Ellen named “Coast-to-Coast Journey”

"Que Sera, Sera"

(1956) “Que Sera, Sera” by Doris Day. Video by Mary Ellen (photos from the Bertain and Bickford family archives) named
“Baby Boomers Have Babies”

"Forgotten Dreams"

(1954) “Forgotten Dreams” by Leroy Anderson and his Orchestra. Video by Mary Ellen, photos by Walter Bickford, family reunion of the John Herbert Bickford family named
“Family Heritage”

"Young at Heart"

(1953) “Young at Heart”  The song was a hit for Frank Sinatra in 1953 and was covered ten years later in this version by Jimmy Durante. Video by Mary Ellen (photos from the Bertain and Bickford family archives) named
“Family Fun”  


(1951) “Charmaine” performed by the Mantovani Orchestra (London). Video by Mary Ellen, photos by Walter Bickford named
“From the Sierras to the Napa Valley” 

"Cold Cold Heart"

(1951) “Cold Cold Heart” by Hank Williams, sung by Tony Bennett with Percy Faith Orchestra. Video by Don Robertson  

"Cara Mia"

(1954) “Cara Mia” by David Whitfield with the Mantovani Orchestra. Video bt Mary Ellen named “The Bickford Ranch – Little Truckee Valley”  

"I Believe"

(1953) “I Believe” by Frankie Laine. Mary Ellen’s video named “We Believe”