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James Joyce - Ulysses

Egoist Press (1922)

FIRST ENGLISH EDITION, LIMITED ISSUE, number 444 of 2,000 copies on handmade paper, of Joyce’s masterpiece, printed in Dijon from the original plates. Harriet Weaver, publisher of The Egoist, sent Joyce an advance of £ 200 for this edition, and described its printing in a letter to the Joyce collector and bibliographer, John Slocum: “When Miss Sylvia Beach’s first edition of Ulysses was exhausted in the summer of 1922, the Egoist Press bought from her the plates that had been made by the French printers and fixed up a somewhat curious edition. Printed in Dijon by those printers [Darantiere] it was, as announced on the title page, ‘Published by the Egoist Press, London, by John Rodker, Paris,’ the edition, a private one like Miss Beach’s, comprising 2,000 copies. John Rodker hired a room in Paris to act as office. Copies from the printers were delivered to him there and he dispatched by post to all the people who had given us direct orders for the book, including persons in the U.S.A. and elsewhere abroad.” (Ellmann, 521) John Rodker was a regular contributor to The Egoist whom Joyce first met in Paris in July 1920: “Rodker rescued the [Joyce] family from hunger by inviting them all to dinner, and during dinner made tentative arrangements to print Ulysses in France, with the financial backing of the the Egoist.” (Ellmann, 505) Slocum & Cahoon A18.