Emma Kok

     “I have a chronic illness called gastroparesis, which means that my stomach is paralyzed and it really hurts. And the only medication that works for me is singing! And the song “Never Enough” means so much to me because every medication isn’t enough!”

     In 2021 Emma was the winner of “The Voice Kids – The Netherlands”. She amazed the coaches and conquered the hearts of the Dutch public. That same year, she sang the song “Voila” in a video duet with the French singer Barbara Parvi, who had co-written the song that had won second place in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Emma released her very first single “Laat Mij Een Vlinder Zijn” on March 11, 2022.  This song is Emma’s story, the struggle of being different and struggling with a disease. In 2023 Emma won the first season of the new talent show “Ministars” on Dutch television.
     The 15-year-old singer from Utrecht, Netherlands has demonstrated immense strength due to a chronic health condition – gastroparesis. This condition has profoundly impacted her stomach’s ability to function optimally, affecting her nutritional intake. Diagnosed with this ailment at the tender age of 11, Emma has displayed remarkable fortitude by relying on feeding pumps to ensure her body receives the essential nutrients it requires.

     “Emma Kok’s ambitions extend far beyond her role as a vocalist. Driven by a deep sense of purpose, her recent victory on the esteemed SBS TV programme “Ministars” in 2023 took on a particularly meaningful dimension. Demonstrating her profound commitment to effecting change, Emma allocated her prize money to establish the Gastrostars Foundation. This remarkable charitable endeavour elevates awareness regarding gastric paralysis, a condition close to her heart.
     “Furthermore, Emma has embraced the role of an ambassador for the Children’s Research Fund Limburg, a distinguished organisation focused on mobilising resources for scientific exploration conducted by the Department of Pediatrics at Maastricht UMC+. Through her charitable foundation and pivotal role as an ambassador, this dual-pronged dedication underscores Emma’s aspirations to channel her influence towards a tangible, positive impact.
     “By deftly intertwining her musical pursuits with her charitable actions, Emma Kok exudes a profound sense of purpose, displaying her unwavering determination to be an agent of change on both the artistic and societal fronts. Her multifaceted endeavours underscore a young talent with a resounding voice—both in melody and advocacy—intent on making a substantive difference in the world.” (Dr. Duncan Borg Ellul)

15-Year-Old Emma Kok Sings "Voila"