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Antonia Brico (1902-1989)

This is my tribute to my childhood music teacher and lifetime beloved friend, Antonia Brico.

Don Robertson

Antonia Brico with Don Robertson (1946)
Antonia Brico with Don Robertson (1983))

Antonia – Portrait of the Woman, directed by Judy Collins and Jill Godmilow (1974)

The Conductor, directed by Maria Peters, starring Christanne de Bruijn (2018)

     “After not having seen Antonia Brico since my childhood, I contacted her in about 1974. She invited me to a rehearsal of Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. 7, and this was an experience that I will never forget.
     “There are very few recordings of her conducting an orchestra, but here is one (thanks to the important abruckner.com website). Two movements from a performance of the Bruckner seventh symphony are included in this recording of a performance with the St. Olaf College Orchestra (in Minnesota) on April 17, 1977.”

Don Robertson