Rising World Foundation, a Nonprofit Corporation for Education and Charity


Rising World


…to raise the spirit and uplift the people of the world through positive music and art

Who We Are...


Don Robertson, President (author, producer, composer, music futurist)

Mary Ellen Bickford Robertson, Vice President (author, artist, producer, project coordinator)

Our History… Since 1998, charter members, teachers, producers, advisors and team players have taken part in our history.

Current officers, advisors and patrons continue to grow in numbers.

What We Do...

  • Research & education
  • Produce videos
  • Author books
  • Develop projects
  • Promote artists
  • Manage our asset library
  • Maintain our websites

How to Help...

  • Watch our videos
  • Read our articles
  • Share with others
    • Especially children
  • Contribute
    • time
    • talent
    • resources

Board of Directors and Officers


Don Robertson

Musician, composer and author Don Robertson was born in Denver, Colorado in 1942. He founded his Musical Kaleidoscope project with Mary Ellen Bickford in 1997. He is dedicated to completing his life’s work in helping uplift the state of music in the world today.

Don Robertson

Vice President

Mary Ellen Bickford

Lifetime producer, author and project coordinator working for the good of humanity with a special interest and talent working with kids. Currently devoted to the mission of the Rising World Foundation.

Mary Ellen Bickford


Ashley Owen

Professional musician for 20 years, now the co-owner of the Harmonic Egg Life Center in Denver, Colorado. He is a certified Robbins-Madanes coach and conducts a program called the Rock Star Blueprint.en

Ashley Owen


Lorene Dobb

At age 11, Lorene attended the first kids video production and most of the Rainbow Research, Inc. seminars and shows. Throughout her life she continues to be part of our projects. Her lifetime career as an image consultant and hair specialist connects her with people.

Lorene Dobb

Honorary Charter Members

G. Marq Roswell

Michael Perry, Esq.

Susan Meyer, Esq.

Irving Sarnoff

Norman Miller

Wave Baker

Marjorie Hall

Dixie Lee

Ron and Lucy McCully

Ron Frank

Cathy Bennett

Peter Phelp

Advisors and Patrons

G. Marq Roswell

Roy Wooten

Nigel Grange

Zero Nylin

Kris Wilkinson 

Don Slepian

Carl Marsh

Mihai Manoliu

Scott Nugent

Kathi Sjotvedt

From our history book… 

we give special thanks to: 

The Kids – (Kids-X-Press Videos)

Greg MacGillivray – (MacGillivray Freeman Films)

Jeff Gordon (NASCAR)

Pierce Flynn – (Surfrider Foundation)

Sting – (RONDOR Music International)

Frank Serafine – (American Sound designer)

Hugo Zuccarelli – (Zuccarelli Homophonic Sound)

David Hannon – (Film Producer, Australia)

Ted Danson – (American Oceans Campaign)

Ron Frank – (Frank Productions)

Orange County, CA businesses – (Chamber of Commerce)

Chuck Shubert & students – (Newport Mesa High School, CA)

Joyce Green – (UNICEF Children’s Day of Broadcasting)

NASA Film Department

About The Rising World Foundation

IN THE BEGINNING… Rising World Foundation was founded in 1998 (under the original name of The Kids X-Pressions, Inc.) as a nonprofit corporation and received exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. It was organized exclusively for charitable, educational and literary purposes.

WE DEVELOPED… pilot projects for students to creatively express themselves through musical compositions, performances, films, television, and radio shows. We provided a platform for the world’s youth to express themselves freely through worldwide communications networking. We also provided educational coaching, guidance, contacts, materials and resources for children, including access to recording and visual production studios and the related materials for inspiring such productions.
CURRENTLY… We have video and recording-studio equipment… further productions await funding and a building to house the work.
DEDICATED… Don Robertson and Mary Ellen Bickford, along with our current board members, are dedicated to promoting positive music and visual arts, with the purpose of helping to create a cultural renaissance in our world, using technology along with physical media.
STATE OF THE WORLD… The introduction of discordant music and abstract art in Western culture at the beginning of the 20th century caused a major shift in the purpose and understanding of music and art, both of which gradually became only a catchall for any expression of anything by anyone. Their true meaning and purpose as tools for personal emotional and spiritual growth, with some exceptions, had become lost by the end of the century.

AS THE 21st CENTURY UNFOLDS… we find that the predominant culture of music and art that was inherited from the previous century is unsuitable: abstract scribbles on canvases that are purchased for millions of dollars, films and television shows that glorify darkness, meaningless music with no melody, and concert halls and cathedrals resounding in discord.

OUR MISSION… is to bring into the world an important educational and entertainment platform that will reach everywhere, helping create a transformation of culture from its predominate state of negativity to a realization of the goals of all true art: emotional healing and spiritual growth.

THIS WEBSITE…  introduces our mission and provides a valuable resource for young students from around the world.