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The Bishops Blind Bartimaeus
The Bishops He's In The Midst
The Bishops Look to Him
The Blackwood Brothers Rock a My Soul
The Blackwood Brothers He Bought My Soul
The Blackwood Brothers Satisfied
Blue_Ridge_Quartet Where_No_One_Stands_Alone
Blue_Ridge_Quartet Gone
Blue_Ridge_Quartet I Wanna Go There
Blue_Ridge_Quartet Wings_of_a_Dove
Brian_Free_and_Assurance Looking For A City
Brian_Free_and_Assurance For God So Loved
Brian_Free_and_Assurance First Day in Heaven
Cathedrals Quartet I Thurst
Cathedrals Quartet Movin' Up to Gloryland
Cathedrals Quartet Redemption Draweth Nigh
Cathedrals Quartet This Old House
The_Chuck_Wagon_Gang Echoes From The Burning Bush
The_Chuck_Wagon_Gang Hear The Gospel Story and Believe
The_Chuck_Wagon_Gang If You Believe
The_Chuck_Wagon_Gang A Beautiful Life
The_Crabb_Family Please Forgive Me
Dixie Echoes Hide Me Rock of Ages
Dixie Echoes Thank God I Am Free
Dove Brothers Get Away Jordan
Dove Brothers I Can Pray
Dove Brothers I Recall
Downings Sheltered In The Arms Of God
Downings Getting Ready Today
Florida Boys Power in the Blood
Florida Boys When He Was On The Cross I Was On His Mind
Gold_City Midnight Cry
Gold_City Moving Up To Gloryland
Gold_City Looking For A City
Gold_City When He Reached Down His Hand
Gold_City One Scarred Hand
Gold_City I'm Going Home Someday
Gold_City Sing with the Angels
Gold_City I'm Not Giving Up
The Good Shepherd Quartet (Documentary)
The Greens It Sure Sounds Like Angels to Me
The Greens Jesus Rocking Chair
The Greens Never Crucify Him Again
The Greens There's a Miracle in Me
The Greens When I Knelt
The Greens I'm Saved
The Happy_Goodman_Family Musical Kaleidoscope Playlist
The Happy_Goodman_Family The Sweetest Song I Know
The Happy_Goodman_Family Heavenly Home
The Happy_Goodman_Family When Morning Sweeps the Eastern Sky
The Happy_Goodman_Family I Thank My Savior for it all
The Happy_Goodman_Family Looking For a City
The Happy_Goodman_Family Take Me in the Lifeboat
The Happy_Goodman_Family Show Me the Way
The Harmoneers This Little Light of Mine
The Hemphills I'm in this Church
The_Hinsons He Is Leading The Way
The_Hinsons The Lighthouse
The_Hinsons Two Winning Hands
The_Hinsons I Shall Never Forget the Day
The_Hinsons Aint That What Its All About
The_Hinsons Something Keeps Pulling Me Home
The_Hinsons Touch Of The Masters Strong Hand
The_Hinsons I Began To Feel The Fire
The Hoppers Shoutin' Time in Heaven
The Hoppers Steppin On The Clouds
The Hoppers Jerusalem
The Hoppers Anchor to the Power of the Cross
Jeff & Sheri Easter Roses Will Bloom Again
Karen Peck and New River God's Gonna Make a Way
Karen Peck and New River Four Days Late
Karen Peck and New River Daddy's Home
Karen Peck and New River God Still Answers Prayer
Kingsmen_Quartet Musical Kaleidoscope Playlist
Kingsmen_Quartet Beatiful Home
Kingsmen_Quartet Sweet Beulah Land
Kingsmen_Quartet Wish You Were Here
Kingsmen_Quartet I'm Glad I'm Serving A God
Kingsmen_Quartet Go And Tell Somebody
Kingsmen_Quartet Satisfied
Kingsmen_Quartet When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
Kingsmen_Quartet (Anthony Burger, piano)
The Lefevres Lord Carry Me Home
The Lefevres Give the World a Smile
The McGruders Saved By Grace
The McGruders Warming Up
The McGruders See Those Clouds
The McGruders Blood Bought
The McGruders I'm Going Home with Jesus
The McGruders I've Just Started Living
The McGruders Passes On We're Going Over
The Nelons I'll Go
The Nelons Oh For A Thousand Tongues
The Nelons Come Morning
The Nelons We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown
Oak Ridge Quartet Didn't it Rain?
Oak Ridge Quartet There's a Light Guiding Me
Oak Ridge Quartet I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
Oak Ridge Quartet Oh, How Much He Cares For Me
Plainsmen Quartet Dry Bones
Plainsmen Quartet How About You
Plainsmen Quartet I'll Tell It Wherever I Go
Prophets Quartet What a Day that will Be
Prophets Quartet When I Meet You Up In Heaven
Prophets Quartet Jesus is Coming Soon
Prophets Quartet I'm Living for Jesus
The_Rambos Remind Me Dear Lord
The_Rambos I've Never Been This Homesick Before
The_Rambos Build My Mansion Next Door to Jesus
The_Rambos He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need
The_Rambos Sheltered In The Arms Of God
The_Rambos In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul
The_Rambos Tears Will Never Stain
The_Rambos If That Isn't Love
The_Rambos I Will Glory In The Cross
Rangers Quartet Hide Me Rock of Ages
Rangers Trio So Many Reasons
Rangers Trio I'll Be Ready
Rebels Quartet Musical Kaleidoscope Playlist
Rebels Quartet Over the Moon
Rebels Quartet I Want To Get Closer
Rebels Quartet Heaven
Rebels Quartet He'll Understand and Say Well Done
Sego Brothers and Naomi Heaven's Jubilee
Sego Brothers and Naomi Born to Serve the Lord
Sego Brothers and Naomi I Wanta Go There
Sons of Song Old Gospel Ship
Sons of Song Highway to Heaven
Sons of Song Oh When I Meet You
Speer_Family Musical Kaleidoscope Playlist
Speer_Family Standing By the River
Speer_Family Heaven's Jubilee
Speer_Family I Never Shall Forget The Day
Speer_Family Palms of Victory
Speer_Family Mansion Over the Hilltop
Speer_Family City of Gold
Stamps Quartet Guide My Feet
Statesmen Quartet Oh What a Savior
Statesmen Quartet Hide Me, Rock of Ages
Statesmen Quartet Roll on Jordan
Statesmen Quartet When He Calls Me I'll Fly Away
Statesmen Quartet Known Only to Him
Statesmen Quartet One of these Mornings
Swanee River Boys Touch Me
Wally Fowler The Wally Fowler Show
The Weatherfords I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
The Weatherfords Prayer is the Key

"Southern Gospel Music" from Wikipedia:

The date of Southern Gospel's establishment as a distinct genre is generally considered to be 1910, the year the first professional quartet was formed for the purpose of selling songbooks for the James D. Vaughan Music Publishing Company. Nonetheless the style of the music itself had existed for at least 35 years prior although the traditional wisdom that Southern Gospel music was "invented" in the 1870s by circuit preacher Everett Beverly is spurious. The existence of the genre prior to 1910 is evident in the work of Charles Davis Tillman (1861–1943), who popularized "The Old Time Religion", wrote "Life's Railway to Heaven" and published 22 songbooks.

Southern Gospel is sometimes called "quartet music" by fans because of the originally all-male, tenor-lead-baritone-bass quartet make-up. Early quartets were typically either a cappella or accompanied only by piano or guitar, and in some cases a piano and banjo. Over time, full bands were added and even later, pre-record accompaniments were introduced.

Some of the genre's roots can be found in the publishing work and "normal schools" of Aldine S. Kieffer and Ephraim Ruebush. Southern Gospel was promoted by traveling singing school teachers, quartets, and shape note music publishing companies such as the A. J. Showalter Company (1879) and the Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company. Over time, Southern Gospel came to be an eclectic musical form with groups singing black gospel-influenced songs, traditional hymns, a capella (jazz-style singing with no instruments) songs, country gospel, bluegrass, and "convention songs" (which were more difficult). Because it grew out of the musical traditions of rural white people in the South, it is sometimes called "white gospel", to differentiate it from black gospel.

Convention songs typically have contrasting homophonic and contrapuntal sections. In the homophonic sections, the four parts sing the same words and rhythms. In the contrapuntal sections, each group member has a unique lyric and rhythm. These songs are called "convention songs" because various conventions were organized across the United States for the purpose of getting together regularly and singing songs in this style. Convention songs were employed by training centers like the Stamps-Baxter School Of Music as a way to teach quartet members how to concentrate on singing their own part. Examples of convention songs include "Heavenly Parade," "I'm Living In Canaan Now," "Give the World a Smile," and "Heaven's Jubilee."

In the first decades of the twentieth century, Southern Gospel drew much of its creative energy from the Holiness movement churches that arose throughout the south. Early gospel artists such as Smith's Sacred Singers, The Speer Family, The Stamps Quartet, The Blackwood Family, and The Lefevre Trio achieved wide popularity through their recordings and radio performances in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. On October 20, 1927, The Stamps Quartet recorded its early hit "Give The World A Smile" for Victor, which become the Quartet's theme song. The Stamps Quartet was heard on the radio throughout Texas and the South.

Others such as Homer Rodeheaver and the Cathedral Quartet became well-known through their association with popular evangelists such as Billy Sunday and Rex Humbard.