World Four: 19th Century


Ludwig van Beethoven

Two Excerpts from Beethoven’s Quartets

The Finale of Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony

    Fugal Passages from the Symphonies

    Demystifying Beethoven's Große Fuge

    Beethoven Symphonies Passages

    Beethoven's Eroica

    String Quartet in F major Op. 18, No. 1

    The Secret of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

    Understanding Beethoven's Last Quartets

    The Subject was Beethoven

Franz Schubert

    Schubert's Fantasy in F Minor, D 940

    Schubert's Trout Quintet in A Major, D 667

Anton Bruckner

The Fugal Finale of Bruckner’s 5th Symphony

Pedal Point in Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony

    Bruckner's Symphony No. 8 with Kent Nigano

    Bruckner's Fifth Symphony and St. Florian

Richard Wagner

    An introduction to the Lohengrin Time Machine

    Wagner's Die Meistersinger Prelude

    Gods and Monsters

    David Horne - Der Ring des Nibelungen

    Introduction to Wagner’s Leitmotifs

    Der Ring des Nibelungen

    Beyond the Score - The Tristan Effect

    A Closer Look at Wagner's Tristan und Isolde

    The Tristan Chord - And Why it Matters

    Parzival- A Tale with Many Tellings

    Jeffrey Swann - The Music of Parsifal (2018)

    Parsifal - Eine Musikalische Einführung

Claude Debussy

    Debussy and the Harp - Score & Masterclass

    Baudelaire in Debussy's Piano Music

    Impressionism - Debussy, Ravel and Monet

    Discovering "La Mer"

Other 19th Century Classes

    Music Instruments of the 19th Century

    Fauré - Finale of the C Minor Piano Quartet