World Four: 18th Century


18th-Century Shows

    A Taste of Michel Richard Delalande

Treasures of 18th-Century Sacred Choral Music

    Can you Händel Bach?

    Concerti by J.S. Bach and Vivaldi

    The Music of Franz Xaver Brixi

    Sacred Choral Music of André Campra

    Choral Music by Jan Dismas Zelenka

    Music by Baldassarre Galuppi

    A Taste of Telemann

The Great String Era

    The Fabulous Italian String Music Era

    A Taste of the Great String Era

    Great Music from the Italian String Music Era

More Great Music from the Italian String Music Era

    A Taste of Corelli

    A Taste of Vivaldi

The Bach Family

    A Taste of Johann Sebastian Bach

    J.S. Bach - Orchestral Suites 2, 3 and 4

    J. S. Bach - Performances in Germany

    J.S. Bach - Two Cantatas and a Motet

    Weihnachtsoratorium 1-3 - English Subtitles

    Das Weihnachtsoratorium

    Das Weihnachtsoratorium (Harnoncourt)

    J.S. Bach - Mass in B-Minor BWV 232

    J.S. Bach - B minor Mass - English Subtitles

    J.S. Bach - B minor Mass - Latin Subtitles

    Ascension Oratorios - English Subtitles

    Ascension Oratorios - German Subtitles

Mozart and Haydn Shows

    The Great Joseph Haydn

    Joseph Haydn - Die Jahrzeiten

    Joseph Haydn - Symphonies 12, 80 and 81

    Joseph Haydn - Symphonies 19, 46, and 60

    Joseph Haydn - Symphonies 26, 39 and 98

    Joseph Haydn - Symphonies 44 and 104

    W.A. Mozart - Piano Concerti Nos. 20 and 25

    W.A. Mozart - Piano Concerti Nos. 21 and 22

    Mozart's Greatest Symphony

    The String Quartet Show