World Four: 18th Century


18th-Century Classes

London Music under the Shadow of Handel

Acciaccature and Mordenti According to Gasparini

Classical Music Instruments of the 18th Century

Classical Music Instruments of the Baroque

Rome, Corelli and Geminiani

The Challenge of the Solo: The Baroque Violin

Mozart's Oboe Quartet in F Major, K 370

Delalande - Les grands Motets pour Versailles

J. S. Bach Classes

J. S. Bach's Magnificat (Keeping it Short)

Glenn Gould Discusses the Art of the Fugue

Analyses de J.S. Bach Fugue en F# mineur

J.S. Bach - The Eighteen Organ Chorale Preludes

J.S. Bach Classes - Richard Atkinson

Complex Counterpoint in Bachís Cantata No. 80

Bachís C# Minor Fugue - WTC Book I

Bachís D Major Fugue Ė WTC Book II

Bachís D# Minor Fugue - WTC Book I

Bachís C# Major Fugue - WTC Book II

Counterpoint in Bach's Cantata 77

Haydn and Mozart Classes - Richard Atkinson

Major- and Minor-Mode Shifts

Three Extended Canonic Passages

Joseph Haydn Classes - Richard Atkinson

Haydnís Use of Monothematic Sonata Form

Woodwinds in the Late Haydn Symphonies

Bariolage & Haydnís Frog Quartet (Op. 50, No. 6)

Rhythmic Ingenuity in Haydn Symphonies

W. A. Mozart Classes - Richard Atkinson

The Finale in Mozartís Linz Symphony

Examples of Neapolitan Chords from Mozart

The Fugal Finale of Mozart's G Major Quartet

The Finale of Mozartís Quartet in F Major

Invertible Counterpoint - D Major String Quintet

Counterpoint in the Jupiter Symphony

Mozartís Canon for Four Voices in C Major