World Four: 10th-16th Centuries

10th-Century Classes

    The Mysteries of Gregorian Chant Revealed

    Gregorian Chant in the Sistine Chapel

    Gregorian Chant Notation

    The Secret "Mora Vocis" of the Vatican Edition

    Gregorian Chant

    Le chant Grégorien - Moines de Solesmes

15th-Century Classes

    Art & Music in Medieval Europe

    Countertenors - Things That You Didn't Know

16th-Century Classes from Early Music Sources

    Musica Ficta

    Intabulations in the 16th and 17th Centuries

    Reading from Partbooks in the 16th Century

    Cipriano de Rore - Amor ben mi credevo

    Cadences in the 16th and 17th centuries

    Durum and Molle

    The Art of Diminution in the 16th Century

    Solmization and the Guidonian Hand

    Tuning and Temperaments in the Renaissance