World Two - European Popular and Folk Music

Gypsy Jazz and Flamenco

    The Django Reinhardt Story

    Gypsy Guitar - The Legacy of Django Reinhardt

    The Father, The Son & The Talent

    Francisco Sánchez: Paco de Lucía (2002)

European Popular Song

    The Sanremo Song Festival (1951-2015)

    Ennio Morricone with Hayley Westenra

    Jacques Brel

    Glimpses of Lara Fabian

    ABBA - Secrets of Their Greatest Hits

    ABBA – Biography

Eastern Europe Folk Music

    The Rebetika Music of Greece

    Saving Romania's Cobza

    Music of Slovak & Romanian Villages

    Francisco Sánchez: Paco de Lucía (2002)

Irish Folk Music

    Folk Hibernia - The Irish Folk Music Revival

    Legends – The Chieftains

    Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem

    Séamus Ennis

Popular Music of England

    The History of British Rock

    The History of Skiffle Music

    How the Beatles Changed The World

    Living in the Material World

    Graham Nash - A Life in Harmony (2002)

    The Procol Harum (1970)

    The Moody Blues

    Elton John - Say Goodbye Norma Jean (1973)

    The Story of the Bee Gees (1985)

    The Joy of the Bee Gees (2014)

Irish Popular Music

    Clannad - Past Present (1989)

    Boyzone - Life After Stephen (2010)

    The Corrs - A Brief History

    The Corrs - Before They Were Stars

    Westlife - The Road Home (2008)