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The great era of positive popular music of the early-1950s in England and America became overshadowed when rock and roll music took over the airwaves in 1956. It was music that was romantic and fun, often inspired by the great romantic classical music from the 19th century. Mary Ellen Bickford has created a series of videos with scenes from her lifetime, featuring her family (the song "Aviva" by the Denver pianist and popular composer Barclay Allen features Don Robertson's family). We hope you will enjoy watching some of these videos. We first posted them videos to youtube soon after Mary Ellen created them, and they have received accolades, as well as numerous views, "Moments to Remember" nearing 200,000 as this is being written.

"Moments to Remember" The Four Lads - 1955

David Whitfield sings "Cara Mia" - 1954

"Charmaine" by the Mantovani Orchestra - 1951

Jimmy Durante sings "Young at Heart" - 1954
(recorded 1969)

"Forgotten Dreams" Leroy Anderson - 1954

"I Believe" sung by Frankie Laine - 1953

"Que Sera, Sera" sung by Doris Day - 1956

"Ebb Tide" Frank Chacksfield Orchestra - 1953

"Port au Prince" Nelson Riddle Orchestra - 1956

"The High and Mighty" Leroy Holmes - 1954

"Aviva" by Barclay Allen - 1954

Tony Bennett "Cold, Cold Heart" - 1951